Resources for the Continent

Your Excellences, No More Words

Two very important meetings are being held in New York from 22-25 September 2008. Both are convened by UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-moon and the President of the General Assembly. The first, with the support of African leaders, has a focus on Africa’s development needs. The second, sponsored by …

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Accountability To Whom, By Whom and on Whose Terms?

I have been attending a most inappropriately termed meeting in Accra: The 3rd High Level FORUM ON AID EFFECTIVENESS. It would have been more realistic to call it FORUM ON AID INEFFECTIVENESS. All the official reviews, evaluations and assessments, and there were plenty in supply at the 3 day meeting, …

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Incredible India Indeed

I finally visited India recently. It was an opportunity to face the reality of the two India-related obsessions of my youth. One of the obsessions of my teenage years was Indian movies. These were days when these films were in Hindi with no subtitles. It is like the way many …

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