A collection of regionally focused papers that review and analyse issues of peace and security.


Contemporary Conflicts

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Review of Gerard Prunier, Darfur: The Ambiguous Genocide, Hurst and Co.

The plane was a gift from Libya’s Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and for ten years Ahmat Acyl was both a commander in Libya’s multinational pan-Sahelian ‘Islamic Legion’ and leader of a Chadian Arab militia known as the Volcano Brigade. Today, Acyl’s fighters from the Salamat of south-central Chad and the Sudanese intermediaries who smuggled their weapons can stake a good claim to be the original Janjawiid. READ MORE

Chasing Ghosts – The rise and fall of militant Islam in the Horn of Africa

Three of the suspects in the attempted bombings in London on 21 July were born in the Horn of Africa. One, Yasin Hassan Omar, was born in Somalia; a second, Osman Hussein, in Ethiopia; and a third, Muktar Said Ibrahim, in Eritrea.  READ MORE



The achievement of peace and security is one of the most complex challenges facing those concerned with Africa. This paper provides an overview and framework for analysis for peace-related activities, and the role of Justice Africa’s initiatives and programmes.  READ MORE